Photogrphy Diploma- 3 Months

Mon-Tus, 8.00AM TO 12.30PM
Sat – Sun, 8.00AM TO 12.30PM

Fundamentals of photography
History of photography
Principles of design and composition
How the modern camera works
DSLr exposure technique
Fundamental of camera lens
Types of light sources, principles of lighting
Available light people photography
Introduction to photography studio & lighting
Portrait lighting & composition with female model
Digital photographic post production
Fashion & glamour work with professional female model, makeup artist & stylist
Still life & high speed photography
Product & reflective material
Location photography with model
Food photography with food stylist
Professional portfolio developing
Type of lens filters
Depth of field important of photography
On camera vs off camera photography
World famous photographer
Colour management & white balance
Wedding & function photography
Landscapes photography
Expert photographer speech & advice