Digital Advertising - 1Year*

Portfolio building program


Applied Art Diploma / Degree holder / Mass media degree or diploma holder All working days, 6 hour each session Course contents – 2 semesters

1st semester–(June to December)

What is Digital advertising, User Interface / user experience design (ui/ux) .
websites design .
Mobile application Design.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google campaigns.
Digital content Video Ideas for YouTube, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp.
Digital social media campaign .
Digital technology idea for brand and Social.
Digital idea using VR gear and AR.
Projection mapping Campaign.
On ground activation digital Campaign.
Digital experiment idea.

2nd semester–(Jan to April)

360 degree Digital Campaign for Brand.
CSRmobile Campaign.
Digital Media Campaign.

Personality development, goal setting, portfolio ppt, interview training.